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Since its founding in 2019, LODIBET has quickly grown to become the industry leader in the online gambling business globally. Credibility and trust were the cornerstones of the brand’s founding, and they now serve as the foundation for the business’s operations. LODIBET has continuously shown that improving your gaming experience is a top priority.

There are numerous casino games available for members of Lodibet Online Casino. More than 500 distinct online slot machines, live baccarat, lottery, fishing games, sports betting, and especially online sabong. Since Lodibet is one of the most potent online casino in the Philippines, a wide range of leading game firms are progressively joining their cause–including Sabong Philippine–to provide players with quality service for their online sabong gambling fix.

Lodibet Online Sabong

lodibet online sabong

“How to cockfight online” is likely to be one of the most popular search terms for most Filipinos, particularly for those who enjoy traditional sabong. Not surprisingly, though, regular Filipinos have begun expressing interest in learning how to play sabong online throughout the last 12 months.

After all, everything came to an end due to a worldwide virus that made everyone stay inside their cozy houses. One way that an industry is adjusting to the modern day is through putting this traditional game of sabong online. An increasing number of people are interested now in learning how to play sabong online as they search for methods to pass time and earn money.

This is the reason why Lodibet created a way for fighting cocks to be seen give their best fight online. 

Why Play at Lodibet

Established in 2019, LODIBET ONLINE is an online casino that has won numerous awards. With more than 2000 top games, it is being played by over 17 million people globally. The governments of Gibraltar, Malta, and the Philippines have granted licenses and regulations to LODIBET Casino.

why play at lodibet

Their technical crew is on duty year-round, around-the-clock and apply the strictest security guidelines to all facets of operations. They guarantee the security and integrity of personal information at all times by utilizing the most advanced technologies and methods available.

Multiple Bets

The ability for gamblers to wager on several outcomes at once is one of the primary characteristics of online cockfighting. Depending on how many rings and roosters are used in the game, players in traditional games can only make one wager at a time. Online betting allows bettors to wager whenever and anywhere they like, allowing them to place any kind of wager they like.

Choose the best cock

Bettor selection of the finest rooster should be based on winning traits and attributes, just like when selecting the best rooster to back in an actual cockfight. Selecting the rooster with the finest attributes is encouraged, and the game rewards players with in-depth research. Along with talent, luck plays a part in this game.

Conserve time and money

A wagerer may wager on many games concurrently. Assume that a bettor wishes to wager exclusively during the two or three hours they have available each day. A gambler has the ability to concurrently wager on more than one game or betting market, such as the round-by-round winner. Players may wager on up to three or five games at once if they are required to take part in a typical cockfight.

Make use of the bonuses

Bonuses and promotions are available to bettors when they place online cockfighting wagers. Advertisements, bonuses, and other incentives draw players to a specific gambling operator while also assisting bettors in increasing their winnings. Incentives like rebates and returns, in addition to bonuses, assist gamblers in preventing losses or in making money after losses. Sportsbooks and game developers can expand their fan base and following by adding bonus features.

Making an Account at Lodibet

lodibet account

In LODIBET, account creation is quick and simple. It enables consumers to continue utilizing goods and credits without incurring any fees or commitments. Simply go to their website and click on the create account or sign up button. Once you made your account and set up your first deposit, you can easily proceed to wager on games for real money. With a sportsbook and 5,000+ casino games, you may place bets on more than 140 different sports.

It wouldn’t be the same without the chance to win, of course! The nicest thing about LODIBET is that you can always count on huge, massive wins.


Players can wager on different digital roosters that are in competition with one another in the online Cockpit fights. Cockfighting has historically been connected to animal abuse. But for the time being, wagerers can place bets on online cockfighting tournaments created here at Lodibet. It’s that simple!

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