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You don’t need to travel somewhere or leave your house to play an online sabong game because you can now have access to JILIKO Sabong Live on your phone via Sabong Philippine. You can play directly with other players in while witnessing dozens of roosters clash on screen. Every game we provide is fair and that is thanks to the efforts of our knowledgeable staff committed to promoting a safe and secure sabong experience online.

JILIKO Online Sabong

jiliko online sabong

A blood sport practiced in the Philippines called “sabong” or “cockfighting” pits two birds against one another in an arena. In sabong, two birds engage in back-and-forth fighting for multiple rounds, or until one of the birds loses all of its feathers, to decide who the better fighter is. You may now take part in eSabong and enjoy yourself while earning rewards by using the JILIKO app.

Note: Local Government Units (LGUs) now oversee Sabong activities, while PAGCOR is in charge of eSabong Online.

Basic Betting

jiliko betting

In the short game of Sabong, two cocks are allocated to two parties. Bettors have three options to choose from: Meron (red), Wala (blue), or Draw (TIE). The order of betting is ₱200, ₱500, ₱1000, and ₱ 2000. The minimum bet amount is ₱ 100. Because players can modify their amount based on their spending limit, Sabong is an extremely engaging game to play.

There are a few popular betting words you should be aware of when playing sabong. When learning how to play online sabong, you also need to be familiar with the following betting phrases.

Betting Terms in JILIKO Sabong

betting terms jiliko
ParehasEven odds
Lo diesLogro diez
100 wins 125
200 wins 250
400 wins 500
Walo-anim300 wins 400
600 wins 800
Onse400 wins 550
800 wins 1100
Tres1000 wins 1500
Sampu-anim600 wins 1000
Doblado1000 wins 2000


Our goal at jiliko is to give you the best possible casino gaming experience. Jiliko offers a wide range of gaming options, including sports betting, live casino, fish shooting games, card table games, slots, and sabong betting.

Joining Jiliko is a simple and fast process. You only need to click the registration button, fill out the form, and you’re in! Becoming a member only takes three minutes.

To better meet your needs, Jiliko now provides a greater selection of payment choices, such as GCASH, Grabpay, BPI, RCBC, UBP, and other non-traditional payment methods. Have a simple and convenient checkout process!


If you enjoy cockfighting and would like to wager on the action, you are undoubtedly already aware of sabong betting. The game has changed throughout time as it has combined with contemporary betting platforms, including as internet betting sites and the use of e-money. Via JILIKO, you may conveniently place online bets on cockfighting. It’s a more practical and simplified approach to become a cockfight gambler.

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