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how to win sabong

How to win in sabong–is what most neophytes in the cockpit arena asks. In this article by Sabong Philippine, learn the basics of sabong and take note of how to win each match.

Sabong, also known as cockfighting, is a customary and well-liked pastime in the Philippines in which two roosters fight until one is crowned the victor, frequently using sharpened spurs. It’s a game that everyone enjoys playing. In the sabong arena, it is usual to see both the rich and the poor putting bets. In the Philippines, cockfighting has long been a part of the culture and customs of the people. 

Online cockfighting, also known as online sabong, is the modern-day digitalization of an ancient pastime. Through online platforms like here at Sabong Philippine, aficionados can engage in cockfights and put bets. Watching live feeds of the games allows participants to participate virtually.

Virtual Cockfighting in the PH

virtual cockfighting

In the Philippines, online sabong is significant because it may maintain and develop a cultural practice while incorporating contemporary technologies. It gives cockfighting fans a digital platform to interact with the sport, increasing its accessibility to a wider audience. It also has economic ramifications because it supports the gaming industry and can bring in money for all parties involved.

Because of this, gamblers often engage in online sabong betting, putting their money on reputable websites and risking their chances of winning.

Mastering the Game: How to Win in Sabong

mastering sabong

Winning is not always guaranteed when placing bets during live sabong matches. Insights from professional sabongeros and sabong articles, along with a few helpful recommendations, can considerably boost a bettor’s chances of winning a game or two.

For your upcoming sabong betting journey, consider the following advice:

Check the Cock’s Breeding

There are differences in the natural fighting abilities of different types of gamefowl. It might mean the difference between winning and losing since some breeders are trying to develop the perfect breed for fighting, while rivals might already be employing a potent hybrid that they have developed.

When pitted against a weaker breed, the Sweater has the most chance of winning. Keeping up with the various sabong breeds might be difficult, but we can help with our knowledge of the top sabong breeds for cockfighting.

Check the Cock’s Fighting Form

During the ruweda (showing of roosters to participating audience/bettors), the public can observe the condition of the participating roosters. Bettors must closely examine each rooster during this period in order to determine which rooster is superior at flying, jumping, and using its beak.

Examining a rooster’s health during the ruweda is also a smart idea. Shiny-feathered gamefowls usually have well-fed diets and excellent care from their owners. Because they are older and in worse shape from multiple fights, weathered roosters might not be appropriate for competitive matches.

Look at Statistics

Examining a cockfight’s game statistics in online sabong is essential for making well-informed betting judgments. The following is revealed by statistics:

  • The past performance history of a cock,
  • victory percentages, and
  • combat techniques.

With the help of this information, you can evaluate the bird’s advantages and disadvantages, placing calculated wagers and raising your chances of winning in the fast-paced, unpredictably changing world of online sabong.

Check and Follow the Trend

One advantage of betting online at Sabong is that clients can easily navigate to the trends section, which displays the past outcomes of all matches played that day. Gamblers will be able to view circles of different colors in the trends section. The various colored circles represent the following:

  • Red: Meron/win
  • Blue: Loss/Wala
  • Green/Yellow: Draw

Adhering to the crowd favorite, commonly referred to as the llamado or the cock with the highest winning percentages, is one way that following a trend might pay off. It is safer to wager on this than on the competitor.

Enjoy the Game of Chance

For insensitive gamblers who can’t be bothered to pay close attention to the roosters while deciding between meron and wala, it’s all up to chance. Due to the rarity of draws, bettors effectively have a 50:50 chance of winning because the odds are frequently close enough for either result to be likely. Even yet, a rare draw bet won’t empty a bettor’s pocketbook if they don’t stake much, especially because the chances are high enough for a lucky win to turn a wager into a substantial profit.


It can be difficult to predict which rooster will win at times. But if you take the aforementioned advice to heart, making predictions should be simple.

While it is not as common as horse betting, there is a probability that other nations will have the same game.

A significant amount of attention was drawn to the rise in popularity of online sabong in the Philippines during the COVID-19 outbreak.


Developing a winning strategy and in-depth knowledge of the game are essential to becoming a master in online sabong. Fans can improve their chances of success by using the professional advice in our sabong guide, perfecting key skills, and keeping up with the combatants’ statistics. Recall that effective participation in online sabongs requires a combination of expertise, knowledge, and well-informed decision-making, which enhances the whole experience and increases the likelihood of success in the virtual cockpit.

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