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how to play sabong

How to play sabong? Before we get to that, read on what you need to learn about cockfighting here in Sabong Philippine.

Online sabong’s ascent has developed into a fascinating phenomenon that skillfully combines old and new. Many local cockfighting stadiums were forced to close their doors in 2020 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, forcing many of them to adjust to the abrupt shift of taking their beloved activity online.

Online sabong is a betting game where two roosters compete against one other in a pit until one of them dies or is unable to continue, much like traditional cockfights. Even though playing sabong is simple, some match watchers may become confused by what they’re seeing and not comprehend what’s going on. If you want to learn how to play online sabong, you have to familiarize yourself with the vocabulary used in the game, how to put bets and the laws of the game.

How to Play Sabong?

how to start playing

Of course, opening an account here at Sabong Philippine is the only sensible approach to begin live sabong betting. The same step is true in any online sabong site that you’d prefer to play your sabong fix with.

It seems to make sense that the greatest gaming company to do sabong betting would be one that provides a large number of matches, allowing players to choose which ones to bet on. After selecting and registering for an online casino or sabong betting site, a bettor needs to make a deposit in order to place bets. 

Get Familiar with these Terms

With a few fundamental rules, playing live sabong is a really simple activity. The regulations of the sport are simple, as it basically consists of two roosters fighting in a pit until one of them can no longer fight.

  • Ulatan-Roosters that are similar in size, weight, height, and wingspan are grouped together to ensure fairness.
  • Ruweda: The roosters are held by their owners for the audience to observe and judge, and the kristo collects bets (meron, wala, or draw) and announces the terms of the fight.
  • Tari: The laying of thin metal blades, called “tari,” at the foot of the roosters comes after these two things. Because the game turns “bloody,” these metal blades are typically the reason cockfighting is also referred to as a blood sport among cocks.

The game is then declared to begin when the roosters are positioned inside the combat arena. When one cock is unable to fight for ten to fifteen minutes, the other cock who is still able to fight wins.

Live Sabong Bets

In sabong betting, there are usually only three betting possibilities available:

  • Meron
  • Wala, as well
  • Draw

To put money on a certain rooster, you just use meron or wala in 1×2 moneyline betting. Naturally, a draw indicates that none of the roosters will prevail in the match. The payout for both the meron and wala bets will vary based on which rooster is the favorite—llamado—and which is the underdog—dejado. In the extremely rare case that a match ends in a draw, the draw bet can be advantageous due to its normal payoff of 8.00.

The substantial payoff difference can be explained by the fact that it is more likely for one rooster to win and the other to lose than for both to collapse.

Why Play Bet here at Sabong Philippine?

why play sabong

The ease of use provided by our platform is revolutionary. Fans of all backgrounds can now participate in the exhilarating show without being limited by geographical distance. Because it’s so easy to participate from home, sabong has become more popular, drawing both longtime fans and people who have never used a virtual cockpit before.

Other reasons why the majority of ardent sabong gamblers, or sabongeros, enjoy placing bets, especially when they play here at Sabong Philippine, are as follows:
Bonuses and Promotions

Depending on the online casino, players will have access to a range of bonuses that they may use to finally earn additional real money. Among Sabong Philippine’s advantages are the following:

  • Daily Deposit Rewards
  • Refund for Weekly Loss
  • Daily Bonus
  • VIP Redeposit Bonus
  • VIP Weekly Refund

 Sabong bettors must meet strict rollover requirements set by the e-sabong service provider in our platform to be eligible to withdraw the bonus money as real money.

Profitable Gains

Breeders, trainers, and enthusiasts now have financial options thanks to the internet sabong ecosystem. The economic impact is substantial, ranging from jobs created in the online sabong business to digital transactions. The increase in economic activity is a major factor in the expansion and durability of Sabong Philippine and other sabong platforms.

Increased Involvement with Interactivity

Online platforms, in contrast to traditional sabong, include more interactive features that improve participation. The experience is enhanced and makes it possible for players to become more involved in the games with live betting, real-time statistics, and comprehensive information about the roosters. Sabong Philippine’s dynamic and immersive qualities have made it a popular choice for people looking for more participatory entertainment.

Building Global Communities

Online sabong has developed into a worldwide community that is not limited by geography. In virtual venues, enthusiasts from all over the Philippines and the world come together, promoting a sense of kinship and shared passion. Social media sites and interactive forums foster a feeling of community by offering a forum for dialogue, companionship, and exchanging personal stories.


The minimum amount that wagerers are usually permitted to place varies based on the sportsbook and platform.

There are several advantages to online sabong match betting over traditional, local cockpit betting.

In essence, the response is determined by the bettor’s preferences. It would be far better for the bettor to experience the warmth and thrill of a real cockfighting arena rather than only watch it on television.


The explosive growth in popularity of online sabong is a testament to the creative fusion of accessibility, tradition, and technical innovation. The cultural relevance of this ancient ritual finds a fresh and vibrant expression as virtual venues continue to entice devotees into the fascinating realm of sabong. 

While playing online sabong may seem challenging to some, it’s actually not that hard; all players need to know is the rules in order to understand what they’re seeing. If a gambler has signed up on a protected website, they can even start gambling without any prior knowledge. Even if they just wager on meron, wala, or draws, they can still win.

Knowing the specifics of a match adds to the enjoyment of betting, as does placing a blind wager with no understanding of why you win or lose. It doesn’t take long to learn how to play sabong correctly because there aren’t many complicated rules to the game and no sabong bets that new players may find puzzling here at Sabong Philippine.

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