The Top E-Sabong Site in the Philippines

Sabong Philippines is the top and premier e-sabong platform in the Philippines, bringing the thrill of online cockfighting to as many people as possible. Sabong Philippines offers both live and pre-recorded matches to cockfighting fans, gamefowl enthusiasts, and newbies alike so that they can bet in a safe and private space without anyone else knowing the identity of the individual bettor.

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Many people love sabong as it has already become a part of their culture for many generations and has served as a casual pastime in small communities. Some people even breed their own gamefowls for local cockfights and there was even a custom of treating the losing gamefowl as a prize to the winner for a meal or for the loser to dispose of. Before gamefowls were bred with chemicals, they were bred naturally and could have been safe for consumption.

Because cockfighting is part of Filipino tradition, it has stayed as a popular bloodsport in many barangays, with tournaments even being held for top breeders worldwide to compete in, it’s important that players have a flexible avenue to place bets safely. Sabong Philippines is the top online sabong platform for this.

E-Sabong in the Philippines

E-sabong in the Philippines

E-sabong is already popular in the Philippines and other countries where online casinos are popular and it only became even more popular during the COVID-19 pandemic. Sabong Philippines leveraged digital technologies to offer sabong matches by getting itself powered by providers like Diamond Sabong to ensure that there is no cheating in Sabong Philippines’ part.

During the pandemic, more people got introduced to e-sabong and popularity boomed as many sabongeros were restricted by lockdown rules. More and more people flocked to e-sabong offerings during this time, with a lot of them going to favorite platforms which include Sabong Philippines, Sabong International, and Pitmaster.

Top Sabong Philippines Promos

Top Sabong Philippines promos

A lot of sabongeros flock towards Sabong Philippines since the platform hosts a number of excellent bonuses and promotions to incentivize players playing at the platform. Some of these promos are the following:

Deposit Bonus in Every Recharge

Sabongeros can claim a 5% deposit bonus every time they place a minimum deposit of 117. This applies as many times as the player places a deposit.

Daily Deposit Rewards

Sabongeros can claim daily deposit bonuses after placing a deposit per day. The minimum amount is 477 PHP and the bonus amount is 5%. The maximum bonus amount is 1777 PHP.

Weekly Loss Refund

In case sabongeros lose their bets, they can get some of their money back. If they lose above 177 PHP, then they can get back as much as 5% their total losses per week.

Watch Live Sabong at Sabong Philippines

Watch live sabong matches at Sabong Philippines

In addition to the generous bonuses and promotions of the platform, Sabong Philippines also offers a mobile-friendly platform to start betting on-the-go. The platform is safe and user-friendly and can offer plenty of advantages compared to when betting elsewhere.

  • Real-time Action: Sabongeros will be able to watch the action in real-time and won’t have to worry about fixed matches as they can watch the game play out and even check whether a fowl is tampered with to lose before they even place their bets.
  • Immersive Viewing Experience: If betting on e-sabong matches is not the top priority of going to Sabong Philippines, then visitors can instead be content with having an immersive experience, as if they were in an actual cockpit. This helped boost e-sabong platforms’ popularity during the pandemic.
  • Convenient Access: Registering at Sabong Philippines and downloading the e-sabong app allows players to access the platform whenever and wherever they want. They can watch sabong fights anywhere at any time.

Download the Sabong Philippines Application

download the sabong philippine online sabong app

Sabong Philippines offers a user-friendly online sabong app for many different players. The app itself is available for both Android and iOS devices, allowing a wide variety of players to watch and bet on e-sabong matches conveniently through this platform.

App Download Instructions for Android Devices

  1. Go to the Google Play Store app.
  2. Search for “Sabong Philippines.”
  3. Tap the “Install” button.
  4. Once the installation process is complete, open the app and start enjoying e-sabong.

App Download Instructions for iOS Devices

  1. Go to the App Store.
  2. Search for “Sabong Philippines.”
  3. Tap on “Get.”
  4. Tap the “Install” button.
  5. Once the installation process is complete, open the app and start enjoying e-sabong.

Registering at Sabong Philippines

Register at Sabong Philippines
  1. Go to the Sabong Philippines website or platform.
  2. Left click or tap on the “Sign Up” button.
  3. Fill out the registration form that appears on the screen.
  4. Tick the terms and conditions to show that you’re agreeing to it.
  5. Tap or left click “Register.”

Once you’ve signed up, you can deposit to your account and start betting on sabong matches.

E-Sabong vs. Local Cockpit Betting

We’ve talked about the advantages of e-sabong in Sabong Philippines, but not what the difference between online sabong and local sabong in the Philippines is. Both sabongs are practically the same, but e-sabong is online and can be participated in through a mobile phone.

Online Sabong vs Local Sabong

Local sabong matches occur in either local cockpits in each barangay or in large cockpits where official tournaments can be held. Some of these cockpits are the following:

  • Araneta Coliseum – one of the country’s most popular cockpits that can seat up to 12,000 people and is known for hosting international sabong derbies.
  • San Juan Coliseum – an old cockpit arena that’s been hosting cockfighting matches since the 1960s and can seat up to 4,000 people.
  • Bakbakan Derby Arena – a popular cockpit that hosts annual derby events and can seat up to 1,500 people while also featuring modern amenities. Matches can be live streamed here for e-sabong.

E-sabong is either purely online or is a mix of online and local sabong. Matches can either be held solely for online sabong by livestreaming private matches or prerecording matches to be streamed in the future or be held in actual cockpits and livestreamed to accommodate both local and online sabongeros.

E-sabong through Sabong Philippines effectively emulates what it’s like to be in a local cockpit and stay-at-home sabongeros won’t miss what it’s like to be in an actual cockpit. If they don’t like the smell of live and dead chickens and their excrements, then betting through Sabong Philippines is more ideal.

PAGCOR’s Regulation of Online Sabong

Currently, e-sabong is officially suspended after a case of sabongeros going missing occurred in the Philippines. However, both local and international casinos still offer e-sabong betting options through the gaming providers powering them. These providers can be located anywhere in the world and there’s even a possibility that pre-recorded matches are merely commentated by different commentators.

PAGCOR regulation

The Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation is closely monitoring the sabong situation today to help provide players with a safe betting experience. A platform being regulated by PAGCOR is a safe gaming platform.

Sabong Philippines adheres with all relevant rules and regulations pertaining to sabong matches as set by PAGCOR.


Sabong Philippines is the top online sabong platform in the Philippines. It offers unmatched sabong matches for sabongeros who access this platform.

Yes. Sabong Philippines is the top platform for legal sabong today. Through the gaming providers powering the platform, bettors can bet on live sabong matches and video sabong matches.

Yes. Sabong Philippines offers both an Android and iOS app.


E-sabong is a popular pastime in the Philippines and other countries in the world and having an accessible online platform like Sabong Philippines helps players enjoy the game safely. Online sabong will only continue to gain popularity regardless of laws and regulations thanks to different online casinos worldwide and it’s important that players will have access to a safe and reliable platform to avoid getting scammed.

Register today at Sabong Philippines to start betting on e-sabong matches.