A Guide to Selecting Gamefowl Champions of the Cockpit Arena

best roosters

Learn about the best roosters for sabong herre at Sabong Philippines.

Cockfighting, known as sabong in the Philippines, is a time-honored tradition deeply rooted in the country’s culture. Central to this tradition are the roosters themselves – fierce, agile, and bred for combat. Choosing the right rooster for a sabong match is crucial for enthusiasts seeking victory and glory in the cockpit.

Best Roosters: Kelso

best roosters kelso

The Kelso rooster, named after its breeder Walter Kelso, is renowned for its intelligence, speed, and fighting spirit. Characterized by its lemon hackle feathers and dark legs, the Kelso is a formidable opponent in the cockpit. Known for its cutting ability and relentless fighting style, the Kelso rooster excels in close combat, making it a favorite among sabong enthusiasts.

Best Roosters: Sweater

best roosters sweater

The Sweater rooster, bred by Carol Nesmith, is a legendary fighter known for its versatility and endurance. With its medium build and yellow legs, the Sweater rooster combines agility with power, making it a formidable adversary in the cockpit. Whether in short-knife or long-knife matches, the Sweater rooster exhibits tenacity and resilience, earning it a reputation as one of the best breeds for sabong matches.

Best Roosters: Hatch

best roosters hatch

The Hatch rooster, developed by Sanford Hatch, is prized for its speed, aggression, and cutting ability. With its distinctive green legs and muscular build, the Hatch rooster is a dominant force in the cockpit. The Hatch Gamefowl frequently stays in the middle of the ring during bouts and takes aim directly at their opponent. They have so much boldness and tenacity in their fights that they are frequently compared to a bulldog. When competing, they can be trained to become swift and combative.

Renowned for its fast-paced fighting style and lethal strikes, the Hatch rooster excels in both offense and defense, making it a top choice for sabong enthusiasts seeking victory in the arena.

Best Roosters: Roundhead


The Roundhead rooster, originating from Ireland, is celebrated for its gameness, determination, and fighting spirit. Characterized by its round head and short beak, the Roundhead rooster is known for its aggressive fighting style:

  • vicious,
  • sure-cutting cocks that fight quickly
  • able to battle both aerially and on the ground

They are cunning, devious, and quick-witted combatants. They have devastating leg power, especially in the first buckle. and unwavering courage in the face of adversity.  With its strong legs and compact body, the Roundhead rooster is a fierce competitor in sabong matches, capable of delivering devastating blows to its opponents.

Best Roosters: Albany


The Albany rooster is revered for its strength, stamina, and cutting ability. With its long, slender body and white legs, the Albany rooster possesses a lethal combination of speed and power. Known for its aggressive fighting style and strategic approach to combat, the Albany rooster is a force to be reckoned with in the cockpit, earning it a place among the best breeds for sabong matches.

This gamefowl has incredible cutting skills and also possesses deep game.  Power hitting and possessing a deep game, the Reb Williamson Albany is a highly active rooster in the ring.  According to legend, the straight comb Albany is the more cunning fighter because it waits for its adversary to initiate contact before retaliating, either by counterattacking before the rival rooster can connect or by escaping by dodging the aerial charge.

Best Roosters: Grey


The Grey rooster, a crossbreed of various gamefowl strains, is prized for its versatility, intelligence, and fighting prowess. With its sleek, streamlined body and steel-gray plumage, the Grey rooster is an imposing presence in the cockpit. Known for its adaptability to different fighting styles and environments, the Grey rooster is a favorite choice among sabong enthusiasts seeking a well-rounded competitor for their matches.


In conclusion, selecting the right rooster is paramount for success in sabong matches. Whether it’s the speed and agility of the Kelso, the endurance and versatility of the Sweater, or the aggression and cutting ability of the Hatch, each breed brings its own unique strengths to the arena. By choosing wisely and nurturing their roosters’ natural abilities, sabong enthusiasts can increase their chances of victory and glory in the cockpit.

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